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Product Launch


Very soon we will be introducing some very exciting technology. With our new offerings, we plan to offer our customers Seriously Smart solutions that immediately drive higher performance for virtualized datacenters and M&E.

Half Day Bootcamps

Register now for training for Dot Hill’s partners and customers. These half day sessions will focus on RealStor™ technology, AssuredSAN Pro 5000 capabilities and performance, plus installation and management of the Pro 5000 series. Ideal for SEs.

September 19, Longmont, Colorado
October 3, Longmont, Colorado
Coming soon to the UK and Germany

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Storage with a Higher IQ

Product Launch Event

  • Can I get world-class reliability without the high price of other vendors?
  • I want high speed SSDs for my important data, but I also need lots of storage capacity. How can I get both?
  • How can I get the performance of many spinning disk drives without paying for all that extra capacity?
  • How can I get the best performance for my “hot data” that moves around frequently, without expensive storage systems and extra work?
  • I like the idea of automatic data tiering, but isn’t there a performance penalty for constantly moving the data around?

Launch Event Webcast (recorded)

Watch Dot Hill’s Launch Event from August 22, 2012, in which we introduced the AssuredSAN 4000 and AssuredSAN Pro 5000 midrange storage solutions! Watch Now.

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