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100 HTA designers notice quicker ‘open times’, and better application response

HTA is an architectural design firm in the UK that specializes in urban design and residential design services. Looking for more efficiency from its storage and servers, HTA went looking for a consultant to improve workflows. 

HTA uses high end graphic design systems such as Bentley® MicroStation V8i, Autodesk® Revit® Structure Suite and Adobe Creative Suite® and they have over 100 designers creating designs, modeling, and rendering the images. Needless to say, their storage requirements are very demanding. Their issues, not uncommon, included:

• An aging SAN that relied on legacy SCSI drive technology
• Increasing storage performance demands for large CAD files
• Too many physical servers that were underutilized and expensive to maintain

What to Do?

Simple. HTA engaged a competent reseller, Krome Technologies. After evaluating several storage options, the firm selected the Dot Hill AssuredSAN iSCSI network storage because it delivers exceptional price/performance with easy scalability. The initial installation was a single array to manage 17TB of production data.

To improve the server side, a new VMware® based infrastructure was developed which included the consolidation of 12 physical legacy servers down to VMware ESX hosts running on HP DL series servers. Disk-to-disk backup was provided by Veeam software which allows application based snap-shots from the SAN array.

What’s the bottom line?

• Improved productivity through SAN performance with vast improvements in file open times
• Peace of mind with fully certified VMware external RAID storage arrays
• Simple web based storage management without the need for server based agents

You can have results like this too. Contact a Dot Hill reseller or our sales people directly. We’ll show you the way.


Contributed by: Warren Reid, Field Marketing Manager, Dot Hill Systems

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