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Support Survey

  1. * Call Reference Number:
  2. Is your issue resolved?

     Yes - My issue is resolved No - Please have a technician contact me

  3. How would you rate the overall professionalism, courteousness and friendliness of the technician that assisted you?

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  4. How would you rate the overall knowledge of the technician? (Please take into consideration both product specific and general operating system knowledge)

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  5. How would you rate the technician's overall understanding of your specific issue?

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  6. If a replacement part was necessary, have you received the part(s)?

     Yes - Part was received in good order No - Please notify me immediately of part ETA Not Applicable

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  7. Was a return airway included with your replacement? Were the return instructions clear?

     Yes - Defective part has been returned No - Please contact me Not Applicable

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