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RealStor™ Real-time Storage Operating System
Enabling Next-generation Hybrid Storage

Data Where You Need It, When You Need It, In Real-Time. RealStor™ 2.0 is Dot Hill's second generation storage virtualization software implemented by customers worldwide for simpler and more powerful data storage management. With RealStor, you can drive more data storage flexibility, performance and data responsiveness in your storage solution.

RealStor 2.0 offers a range of features to boost performance for any sized organization, using built-in read-cache, RealTier tiered storage software, thin provisioning, Rapid RAID Rebuild to make your storage infrastructure more flexible than ever before. With a streamlined user interface, you have the tools your fingertips to manage your dynamic and changing environment to meet your business objectives.

RealStor’s autonomic tiered storage software, RealTier, responds to business needs in real-time, delivering data where you need it, when you need it. Dot Hill’s technology manages storage tiers in the background at all times, with no impact on performance, so that the data is on the right tier for optimal responsiveness.

RealStor 2.0 Storage Virtualization Software

RealStor 2.0 is the second generation of RealStor and is available on all AssuredSAN storage controller models, allowing a wide range of customers to take advantage of many new SAN storage virtualization features. Use RealStor with a range of chassis types for a flexible, scalable storage solution.

RealStor Benefits

  • Improved storage performance for database workloads, virtual desktops, and virtualized server environments
  • Removal of SAN provisioning and allocation guesswork
  • Simplification of SAN storage management and expansion
  • Access to a more agile and responsive hybrid SAN storage infrastructure
  • Balanced approach to integrating flash or SSD technology to improve IO
  • Flexibility to license just the performance options needed and save money

Storage Virtualization Features for Hybrid Storage, All-Flash Arrays, and Traditional SANs

RealTier™  – Autonomic Real-time Tiering (for SSDs)
RealTier™  – Autonomic Real-time Tiering (for HDDs)
RealCache™ – SSD Read-Cache
RealThin™ Thin Provisioning
RealPool™ Autonomic Pooling
RealQuick™ Rapid RAID Rebuild
RealSnap™ – Virtualized Snapshots
RealSpan™ – Asynchronous Replication

Read more about RealStor features on the Features tab.

Key Applications

Databases – 10% capacity in SSDs can deliver 70-80% of the IO from the flash tier
VDI – hybrid storage with SSDs alleviates boot storms for virtual desktops
Server Virtualization – SSDs deliver ‘wicked fast’ IO for multiple hosts eliminating latency
Self Service Kiosks – Delivery of fast data access in an ‘on demand’ environment
Video Surveillance – Accelerates rendering and compression for long term archiving
Hosting – improves IO for distance customers

Software Features

RealTier™  – Autonomic Real-time Tiering (for SSDs)

RealTier tiered storage software autonomically measures data usage, identifies ‘hot’ spots as they occur, and continuously moves data to the best tier in real time, even as that data changes minute by minute.

RealTier for Performance with SSDs

With RealTier tiered storage software IT managers can build a tiering storage system that matches their requirements with up to three available tiers – a high performance SSD tier, a SAS tier, and an archive Nearline SAS tier – to organize data according to data access patterns. Patent pending software dynamically identifies data demands within the storage system and autonomically manages tiers to accelerate data access and improve the user experience.

Leveraging an SSD storage tier together with RealTier software can dramatically increase overall storage performance, rivaling the performance of all-flash arrays. An ideal hybrid storage configuration might have approximately 10% capacity on SSDs and 90% on HDDs, providing a balanced approach to storage infrastructure – maximizing performance and keeping budgets in mind. 5-10% of the storage capacity on SSDs can deliver 70-80% of the IO.

RealTier™  – Autonomic Real-time Tiering (for HDDs)

Users can access the RealTier for Capacity capability even when utilizing hard disk drives with different speeds and capacities, such as 7K or 10K drives. RealTier autonomically assesses data usage in real-time and moves  ‘hot’ data to the fastest tier of hard disk drives. Less frequently accessed data will migrate over time down to a slower, less expensive tier, saving up to 50% on disk storage while improving performance.

RealCache™ – SSD Read-Cache

RealStor software supports SSD / HDD configurations that dramatically increases the amount of read-cache available to the storage system. Using one or two SSDs in the storage configuration automatically activates the read-cache function which can improve overall performance of read intensive applications and workloads.

RealThin™ Thin Provisioning

The thin provisioning feature in RealStor streamlines the tasks of provisioning and modifying volumes, allowing IT managers to respond to data growth as needed. User friendly reporting provides constant feedback on volumes, approaching thresholds, allocation, and over-allocation. IT managers can add storage when needed, easily expanding volumes non-disruptively.

LUN Pinning Feature

LUN Pinning allows IT managers to pin certain applications to the high performance tier to assure that mission critical applications always are prioritized on SSDs or high-performance drives.

RealQuick™ Rapid RAID Rebuild

Within each collection of disk drives that make up a storage pool, data is further protected with RAID redundancy within each tier. In a typical RAID system, rebuilding a drive can take a long time, especially with high capacity drives, because each sector requires rebuilding.

The Rapid Rebuild function delivers an accelerated rebuild operation, because only the sectors that contain actual data are rebuilt, resulting in up to 5 times faster restoration of the RAID set. For instance, a drive that is only 50 percent utilized will rebuild in 50 percent less time with Rapid RAID Rebuild.

RealSnap™ – Virtualized Snapshots

RealStor supports powerful new Advanced Copy Services which includes point in time snapshots and asynchronous replication. Advanced Copy Services allow up to 1024 snapshots to be taken, at any time, with zero impact on storage performance.

Setting up the new virtual Snapshots is easier than ever and requires fewer steps. Using the Storage Management Console users can set up and schedule snapshots for several volumes simultaneously.

RealSpan™  – Asynchronous Replication

RealSpan is central to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning. RealSpan is asynchronous replication software that copies data to a second, typically off-site, array at a secure location. Users can easily schedule RealSpan replication to take place on a regular hourly, daily, or weekly basis. RealSpan is a two-way street, allowing replication between two different locations so each site can be a backup for the other site. Protect data anywhere, automatically, even between different AssuredSAN models.

RealPool™ – Autonomic Pooling

Management Console

RealStor’s Storage Management Console

RealStor’s management interface is referred to as the “Storage Management Console.”  The Storage Management Console bring an entirely new methodology to  configuring, managing, monitoring, and supporting support systems.

The Storage Management Console can manage RealStor’s virtualization features as well as legacy DMS software. Note: RAIDar 2.0 is still available.

The Storage Management Console contains many features that streamline storage management, including:

  • Performance monitoring
  • A dashboard for provisioning and storage tiering
  • Provisioning reports by volume
  • Configuration, Installation, Provisioning wizards
  • Customized view of storage.





Included with RealStor 2.0

  • RealCache – SSD Read Cache
  • RealThin – Thin Provisioning
  • RealQuick – Rapid RAID Rebuild
  • RealTier – Autonomic Real-Time Tiering (for HDDs)
  • RealPool – Autonomic Pooling

Licensable Options

  • RealTier™ for Flash – Autonomic Real-time Tiering (for SSDs)
  • RealSnap™ – Virtualized Snapshots
  • RealSpan™ – Asynchronous Replication

Software Support

  • One year of software support is required with this feature.

Associated Hardware

RealStor 2.0 is included with all 3000, 4000, and 6000 Series data storage arrays.