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Enabling Next-generation Hybrid Storage
ssd_hdd_icon_final_small Virtualization features like Autonomic Real-Time Tiering, Read-cache, Thin Provisioning, Rapid Rebuild optimize storage performance and management.


Volume copy software
AssuredCopy™ AssuredCopy™ provides the ability to create full volume copies or backups of disk volumes. These copies can be used to quickly restore whole volumes, folders or individual files.


Data snapshot software
AssuredSnap™ AssuredSnap™ allows point-in-time snapshots to be taken on a Dot Hill array which can then be used for backup and recovery processes.


Remote replication software
AssuredRemote™ AssuredRemote™ allows administrators to easily establish remote replication between two Dot Hill storage systems at different locations, contributing to a full disaster recovery plan.


Host-based virtual RAID adapter
assuredvra5R AssuredVRA allows OEMs to build RAID-protected arrays out of internal server storage and external JBODs.
  • High performance RAID stack
  • RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 10, 50 for Intel and AMD chipsets


Technical Support, Professional Services

Dot Hill offers software and hardware support worldwide, starting with a standard 37 month warranty on hardware to Gold and Platinum levels.