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Data Storage Arrays for Video Surveillance and CCTV

The demand for data storage capacity to support video surveillance applications is growing quickly, fueled by HD cameras, data retention polices, and data replication. The AssuredSAN data storage arrays have a simple intuitive user interface, are highly reliable, and scale to hundreds of terabytes with JBOD units.

Data Storage Solutions for CCTV & Video Surveillance

Customers are seeking the right components for building of security systems to support 24-hour, multi-location monitoring. Utilizing the latest in data storage systems, combined with video cameras, software and servers, integrators can provide highly reliable, low maintenance, high capacity data storage systems. Storage for these systems must support IP networks, fibre channel networks, a high number of cameras streaming into the array, and fast internal controllers to speed replay.

Dot Hill data storage has the features needed to support your security application:

  • IP-based or Fibre Channel SAN Options
    • Hybrid arrays give you the benefit of both protocols, 8Gb Fibre Channel and IP-based connectivity to virtually anywhere
  • Demonstrated support for over 300 cameras per controller (* varies based on camera)
  • Read and Write Performance
    • Streaming to and from the disk for quick recall
  • Reliability
    • RAID striping and redundant components deliver on reliability

Audio Storage and Surveillance presentation

The Right Partners

Dot Hill storage has been extensively tested for interoperability with Milestone and Genetec, leaders in surveillance software. For proven performance, look to Dot Hill’s data storage arrays, combined with Milestone Systems IP Video Software or Genetec Security Center.