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Oil & Gas Data Storage Solutions

Dot Hill supplies enterprise-quality, scalable, high-performance data storage arrays and SANs, compatible with a wide variety of applications deployed in the oil and gas industry. From exploration to data analysis, AssuredSAN storage leverages the strengths of Big Data applications and Hybrid storage systems to create open data storage solutions that provides value and performance for key applications.

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Data Storage for HPC Applications

Dot Hill helps thousands of worldwide customers ensure they are leveraging the latest in storage technology to work more effectively and achieve their business goals. Storage systems from Dot Hill are built to provide maximum performance and uptime along with complete redundancy to assure decision makers have more information, more of the time.

Oil and Gas Applications

  • Seismic interpretation
  • Reservoir characterization
  • Prospect evaluation systems
  • Petrophysical Analysis
  • Mobile Exploration and Discovery

Customer Benefits

  • Multiple streams of HD content
  • 99.999% availability
  • 6200+ megabytes per second sequential reads
  • 5300 megabytes per second sequential writes
  • 39,000+ measured SPC-1 IOPS
  • 384TB of storage per system
  • Support for Linux and Windows

Hardware features

  • Dual redundant hardware design protects from component failures
  • EcoStor battery-free cache backup reduces downtime for battery maintenance
  • SSD and HDD options meet a range speed and capacity requirements
  • Hybrid SSD/HDD options