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Data Storage for Digital Imaging

As digital imaging grows, it is driving up demand for storage capacity for three reasons: high definition (HD) cameras produce denser images, data retention polices require longer term storage of images and video, and data replication multiplies images as business seek to protect valuable archives. As archives grow, storage performance must keep pace so that valuable files are accessible at all times.

Faster Retrieval of Images and Video Files

Dot Hill’s data storage arrays and SANs are able to support multiple streams of high definition video allowing users easier and faster video and image retrieval. The AssuredSAN has a simple intuitive user interface, is highly reliable, and scales to hundreds of terabytes with JBOD units.


  • Video Surveillance Solutions for Government, Retail and Banking
  • Healthcare Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS)
  • Law Enforcement Solutions

Customer Benefits

  • Multiple streams of HD content
  • 99.999% availability
  • 6200+ megabytes per second sequential reads
  • 5300 megabytes per second sequential writes
  • 39,000+ measured SPC-1 IOPS
  • 384TB of storage per system
  • Windows, Linux support


  • Both Direct-attached or Networked storage (SAN) available
  • Interoperability with Linux and Windows
  • SSD and HDD options meet a range speed and capacity requirements