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Storage for Big Data & Analytics

Dot Hill supplies enterprise-quality, scalable, high-performance SAN storage systems, compatible with a wide variety of compute-intensive applications for big data and big data analysis. AssuredSAN data storage leverages the strengths of Big Data applications, high performance servers, and data storage tiering, and SAN architecture to create solutions that provides value and performance for petabytes of data.

High Performance Data Storage Meets Big Data

Dot Hill data storage provides Universities and Government researchers worldwide with access to high performance, open standards-based, scalable data storage solutions. Dot Hill storage systems are able to achieve 99.999% availability, providing customers with more information, more of the time.

Cluster solutions in high performance computing environments require raw throughput, scale-out file serving, high availability and support for multiple streams of data. AssuredSAN storage can meet these requirements with a high-powered processor, state-of-the-art host connection speeds and redundant components for better uptime. Read our Cluster Solution Brief for Linux and Windows.


  • Scientific and Engineering Research
  • Research and Development for Weather, Genome, Geospatial, Seismic applications
  • Video Interpretation of Raw Data
  • Consumer Data Analysis and Reporting

Customer Benefits

  • Support for multiple streams of content
  • Interoperability with Open Source databases like Cassandra and parallel distributed file systems like Lustre
  • SSD and HDD drive options meet a range speed and capacity requirements
  • Windows and Linux support


  • 99.999% availability
  • 6400+ megabytes per second sequential reads
  • 5300 megabytes per second sequential writes
  • 39,000+ measured SPC-1 IOPS
  • Scalable to 384TB of storage per system