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SAN Tutorial

The Dot Hill SAN Tutorial

Welcome to Dot Hill – empowering the storage community with high-capacity and high-performance SAN storage products.

Our exclusive Storage Area Networking (SAN) Tutorial provides you with a complete and easy guide to architecting, implementing and managing a modern SAN – covering SAN hardware, RAID systems, switches, hubs, bridges, backups, software, replication and more. The Dot Hill SAN Tutorial answers questions such as:

  • What is a SAN?
  • What are the hardware components of a SAN?
  • What is a RAID system and how do I use RAID Data Stripping to build a fault tolerant storage system?
  • Why do I need hubs, switches and bridges?
  • How can I use a SAN backup solution to offload backup operations?
  • How do I use fibre channel switches and hubs in my SAN?
  • How can I build a scalable SAN architecture?
  • Why do I need SAN software?
  • Why you need SAN management software?
  • What is SAN server clustering?
  • What is data replication and how do I use synchronous and a asynchronous replication?
  • How can I use a SAN to reduce downtime?
  • What does SAN volume and file management do?
  • How can I build a SAN that improves content distribution and data sharing?
  • What SAN standards do I need to understand?

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