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ESG Lab Validation Report

ESG Lab Validation Report — SAN Information — Dot Hill’s AssuredSAN 3000 Storage

Welcome to Dot Hill’s website — empowering the storage community with high-capacity SAN storage products and unified virtual storage solutions.

Our unique ESG Lab Validation Report is a complete review of the AssuredSAN 3930 SAN storage array using VMware, Microsoft Jetstress, Iometer, and a test environment with Apple Mac Pro, Xsan, and Final Cut Pro for video editing. The ESG Lab Validation Report answers questions such as these:

  1. What are the storage priorities for IT Managers?
    1. Server virtualization
    2. Security
    3. Backup and recovery
    4. Network infrastructure upgrades
    5. Data growth
    6. Application upgrades
    7. Data center consolidation
  2. What is the Dot Hill AssuredSAN 3000 storage family?
    1. Storage features – iSCSI, fibre channel
  3. What real tests were run and how did the storage perform?
    1. VMware
    2. Apple Xsan test bed, Xsan file system, Apple Mac Pro, ATTO, AJA, Black Magic
    3. Iometer, Microsoft Jetstress
  4. How easy is this SAN storage to use?
  5. How do I use the management tools?
    1. How do I create a storage volume?
    2. How do I map a storage volume?
    3. How does it work with VMware’s vSphere?
  6. How did the storage perform for Video applications?
  7. What are its data protection features?
    1. Snapshot
    2. Volume copy
    3. Remote Replication
  8. Is the SAN fault tolerant?
    1. Hot swappable controllers
    2. Drive replacement
    3. Fault detection
  9. How Green is the SAN?
  10. How much power is consumed and saved?

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