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Welcome to Dot Hill’s 2015 NAB page!

Come see for yourself in our booth #SL 12105 at NAB these Dot Hill storage solutions, including our new high density storage systems. See our Rock-Solid, Wicked Fast solutions in 4K workflow demonstrations at NAB. Dot Hill storage solutions provide both certified 99.999% availability and best in class performance.

What’s New for Dot Hill at NAB 2015?
Ultra56 – High Density Array with 56 drives and 1.3PB of capacity

AssuredSAN 4004 – 4K Collaborative Workflow Solution

Dot Hill Stream Count Matrix: We’ve done the performance testing for you! – Storage Performance Reference Guide – by Codec

Dot Hill Collaborative Workflow Storage: Pick the best Dot Hill solution for your workflow. – Workflow Configurations

Workflow Demos in the Dot Hill booth

Adobe Premiere Pro with 4K Content
The highly popular Adobe Premiere package will be showcased on a new Mac Pro workstation running with Dot Hill storage. This solution promises to deliver speed, simplicity and value to post production studios.

AVID Media Composer with 4K Content
For the first time, we will demonstrate Avid Media Composer 8 running 4K streaming from Dot Hill’s Ultra56 AssuredSAN storage.

Autodesk Flame Premium
The Autodesk 2013 Flame premium solution for demanding finishing workflows and special effects will be on display. Autodesk offers a completely integrated solution that leverages AssuredSAN storage from Dot Hill.

Quantum StorNext Pro 4K
Stop by to view the StorNext Pro 4K solution which is completely 4K/8K ready. This complete system includes collaborative storage making it a robust, scalable solution for post and broadcast.

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