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Dot Hill Systems takes pride in delivering quality software and reliable hardware solutions to our customers.  To achieve and maintain our record of quality performance we follow a set of quality management practices that provide assurance to our customers of receiving dependable product performance and reliable support.

Quality Policy

Dot Hill Systems endeavors to deliver World Class excellence in performance, flexibility and technology to exceed Customer expectations in quality, data protection, delivery and service.

Dot Hill Systems is committed to best practices and continual improvement of its Quality Management System.

Quality Management System Registration

We maintain a registered quality management system which is regularly audited for compliance to ISO9001:2008 requirements.

ISO Certificate

Product Warranty and Support

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Quality Assurance Contact

Quality Manager
Dot Hill Systems
1351 S. Sunset Street
Longmont, Colorado, 80501

Tel: 00 +1 303 845 3200
Email: QA@dothill.com