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AMD and RAIDCore™ Together

Virtual RAID Adapters – a new way to RAID protect data

What is a Virtual RAID Adapter? When most people talk about RAID protection, they envision either a RAID adapter card internal to a server or a RAID controller for an external disk array, where RAID technology runs on a dedicated processor with related hardware components and circuitry.

With technology advances by AMD and other chip designers, there is now a very interesting and compelling alternative – the virtual RAID Adapter or software RAID, which allows the innovative manufacturer, integrator, or IT manager to take this vital storage function and move it onto the main processor. A Virtual RAID Adapter reduces both server design and manufacturing costs, and results in lower acquisition and operating costs for the end-user customer.

Today’s multi-core processors and virtual machines make it not only possible but efficient to run RAID alongside other processes inside the server. AMD processors have the power to handle the additional data-protection workload.

RAIDCore, as Virtual RAID Adapter, allows motherboard vendors, systems builders, and even end users to choose where and how to implement RAID. Virtualizing the RAID function makes it available in more ways than ever. More about RAIDCore

Partnering with Dot Hill

Dot Hill is teaming with hardware partners to launch new and innovative RAIDCore solutions. We are dedicated to supporting current and future generations of AMD processors which are utilized by motherboard vendors, system builders and end users. To understand your options, contact us now.

Partner Support

Motherboard vendors and OEMs

Integrated into the BIOS, AMD provides a RAID-on-motherboard reference solution for motherboard vendors and OEMs supporting AMD’s SP5100 southbridge chipset and Dot Hill’s server class RAIDCore VST host based RAID stack. Visit amd.com to learn more.

System Builders

Integrated into the BIOS, Dot Hill provides a RAID-on-motherboard solution for system builders integrating a motherboard supporting AMD’s SP5100 southbridge chipset and Dot Hill’s server class RAIDCore VST host based RAID stack.

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