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Data snapshot software

AssuredSnap provides the ability to create point-in-time copies or backups of disk volumes with instant restoration of data to any captured (snapshot) point in time. Since AssuredSnap only copies data that has changed to disk it can virtually eliminate backup windows.

AssuredSnap uses a method called Single Copy-on-Write (SCW) with Original/Write Data Preservation capabilities. Unlike other snapshot technologies the AssuredSnap implementation is not only fast, but also reduces the size of snapshots by storing only a single instance of changed blocks. Original/Write Data Preservation technology is unique in the market allowing IT managers to snapshot and write to newly created snapshot volumes. This enables roll back to the original snapshot or the modified or updated snapshot. This re-roll-back capability is ideal for testing new software or prototyping new applications.

There are several ways to purchase AssuredSnap, depending on  the model:

  • It is included as a standard feature with some models.
  • Some models include Try and Buy software
  • Or, it can be added later.


2002 Series arrays come with 16 snapshots at initial purchase and can be upgraded to 256 snapshots.

3000 Series arrays come with no snapshots and can be upgraded to 1000 snapshots.

5000 Series arrays come with no snapshots and can be upgraded to 1024 snapshots.


AssuredSnap is available as a software option on 2002, 3000 and 5000 Series AssuredSAN™ arrays. It may come bundled with the array itself at a discount or it can be purchased separately later.

3000 Series – 60 Day Try and Buy

The 60-day free Try and Buy option on AssuredSAN 3000 Series arrays allows you to trial the software for a short time to evaluate its performance and setup features. After 60 days, you can easily add a software license and permanently add it to your DR toolset.

Pro 5000 Series – Data Protection Package

With the AssuredSAN Pro 5000 Series arrays there is a DMS package that includes AssuredCopy, AssuredSnap and AssuredRemote for complete storage data protection.